Planmeca Romexis software release 5.3.R

New! Romexis CMF Surgery module

Romexis CMF Surgery is a new licensed module of Romexis for virtual planning of orthognathic surgeries. Starting from a 3D volume, intraoral scans, and a target occlusion scan, it is possible to design one-jaw or two-jaw orthognathic treatments. Based on the planned treatment,intermediate and final splints can also be designed in order to 3D print them and use them for carrying out the actual treatment.

The module has the following features available:

  • Preparation of 3D volume before treatment planning: mandible segmentation, matching pre-operative dental models with 3D volume
  • Placement of cephalometric landmarks for defining orientation
  • Optional manual adjustment of head orientation
  • Application and adjustment of virtual cutting planes to cut one or both of the jaws. The currently available osteotomies include BSSO and Le Fort I in 1 and 3 pieces
  • Dynamic measurements and analyses to support treatment planning
  • Matching of dental models with target occlusion for automatic movement of bone segments
  • Saving of different bone segment positions for easy comparison between treatment options or pre-operative situation
  • Design of intermediate and final splints based on the treatment plan
  • Possibility of adding holes to splints to attach them to brackets
  • Exporting splints in open STL format with no cost

Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R CMF Surgery

Model Analyser module

Several new features have been added:

  • Base creation for scans to make them look like traditional physical models and to seal the models for 3D printing
  • Comparison of scans taken at different times – the scans can be viewed next to each other and moved around in a synchronised way
  • Undercut calculation for checking the quality of prepared teeth, for example
  • Margin line marking to communicate the margin line of prosthetics when sending the scans to a dental laboratory
  • General Launch button for lab portals to integrate any preferred lab portal for easy sending of scans
  • Enable continuing of scanning in the same session
  • Export selected base to 3D printer
  • LM Activator Analysis
  • Full Planmeca Romexis Cloud support
  • Planmeca Romexis 3D Ortho Studio launch button to seamlessly continue working on the scans there

Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R release Model AnalyserPlanmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R release Model Analyser

Smile Design module

Tools for enhanced photorealism

New tools for adjusting luminosity, highlights, and shadows on the designed smile make it easier to achieve photorealistic results.

Teeth whitening simulation

The whiteness of the smile area of the patient can be adjusted. This can be used to simulate the different degrees of the whitening of the patient’s original teeth.

Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Smile Design

3D Imaging module

Jaw segmentation using anatomical landmarks

Segmenting mandible and maxilla as separate models is sped up by the new workflow that makes the segmentation semi-automatically based on anatomical landmarks defined by the user.

STL export from Surface module

3D objects can now also be directly exported as one or separate STL files from the Surface sub module.

Support for colored .ply models

The Romexis 3D Imaging module now supports working on models in .ply format that contain both colour and the surface information of models.

Quick orientation buttons

The 3D rendered view in the Romexis 3D Imaging module has been complemented with new control buttons for the quick orientation of volume.

Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Jaw segmentation
Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Jaw segmentation jaw view
Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Jaw segmentation full skull

Implant guide design

Implant guides can be designed for immediate implant placement after tooth extraction.

Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Implant guide designPlanmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Implant guide design

Implant library

Several new implants, sleeves and fixation pins added from various manufacturers.

New! Dental PACS

The new licensed service of Romexis allows using it as a dental PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), a system to which images from other Romexis installations or 3rd party imaging software can be sent and stored. Romexis DICOM Full licence is included in the package.

Planmeca Romexis Software 5.3.R Dental PACKS