Complete CAD/CAM solution


Seamless chairside workflow

Planmeca provides all the necessary tools for a complete digital workflow – from scanning to designing and manufacturing. Regardless of whether you want to plan dental treatments, design prosthetic works or fabricate restorations or dental applications, all workflows are carried out smoothly and efficiently. All data is stored in the Romexis software and immediately available for further use. There is no need to toggle between different software, as Romexis supports several types of data and all actions take place in the same platform.


Quicker treatments with predictable results

Maximising uptime by eliminating non-productive steps is incredibly easy with Planmeca solutions. Instead of several appointments, our complete system allows patients to be treated in one visit. At the same time, accurate and predictable treatment results are guaranteed with Planmeca solutions specifically designed to ensure the highest levels of precision. As different work phases can be performed simultaneously by different users, clinics can treat more patients efficiently in a shorter period of time and utilise their resources to the fullest, allowing treatments to be carried out in as fast as one hour.


New manufacturing capabilities to your clinic

Get the dental applications you need when you need them – with Planmeca milling units and 3D printer. Planmeca’s milling units are ideal for efficiently producing restorations directly at a dental clinic. With automatic tool changers and smart tool paths optimised to suit material characteristics, Planmeca milling units offer a cutting-edge milling experience. Planmeca Creo® C5 is a blisteringly fast 3D printer designed specifically for dentistry, which enables fabricating dental applications easily and in a fraction of the usual time with medically approved and printer-optimised printing materials.


Wide range of applications

The flexibility of Planmeca CAD/CAM solutions allows clinicians to always offer their patients the best possible individual treatment plan. Our intraoral scanners support various specialist workflows and can be used for a vast range of indications. With Planmeca dental mills, you can create abutments, crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and up to 6-unit bridges with various milling materials. Surgical guides, dental models and aligner bases can be fabricated with our chairside Planmeca Creo® C5 3D printer.


Easy collaboration with partners

If you prefer not to complete the entire workflow on your own, our open CAD/CAM solutions allow you to flexibly collaborate with partners at any point. The open architecture platform of our CAD/CAM devices allows data and equipment to be seamlessly integrated within a clinic, while the open file formats STL and PLY – both widely used – facilitate easy collaboration with labs and other external partners.