Planmeca’s unique dental education concept takes over South East Asia

Planmeca Oy further strengthens its position as a preferred university supplier of the dental field. The latest delivery agreement was signed with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). In co-operation with its local distributor Amedix sdn. Bhd Planmeca equips IIUM with 173 Planmeca Compact i dental units, one Planmeca Sovereign dental unit along with three Planmeca ProMax 3D imaging equipment, and 7 digital Planmeca Intra and Planmeca ProSensor intraoral imaging systems.

Since 2006 Planmeca’s dental education concept has been chosen by more than twenty major dental institutions across the world. The success of the concept lies in intelligent product and system features that make operation and teaching in the large university clinics predictable and efficient according to university’s specific needs.

In IIUM’s case Planmeca’s system e.g. pre-indicates maintenance routines of the unit and enables a centralized suction system and amalgam separators. Moreover, the software platform supports remote consultation between the students and the faculty as X-ray images can be sent for consultation via the software. Dental treatment tradition in the area favors hanging tube instrument delivery yet IIUM chose Planmeca’s units with over-the-patient delivery arms contributing to ergonomics and hygienic work environment.

“In the Asian market, the competitive assets of Planmeca’s dental equipment are superior design and simplicity of use, both promoting efficient workflow. We are happy that young professionals become predominant users of the latest technology and familiar with the Planmeca’s product philosophy in the early stage of their profession. These university deliveries are a fundamental part of our business”, says Mr Tuomas Lokki, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Planmeca Oy. 

The agreement with IIUM is one of the first university deliveries in South East Asia. Planmeca’s local distributor Amedix has years of experience of large delivery projects and is strongly present in the area supporting Malaysian dental professionals. The installations were completed in November 2011.