New Planmeca ProX intraoral X-ray unit makes intraoral imaging easier and more precise than ever before

Planmeca ProX intraoral imaging unitThe Finnish dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca Oy increases its comprehensive collection of imaging products with a new intraoral X-ray unit – Planmeca ProX. The advanced unit provides easy and precise positioning, a straightforward procedure and high-quality, high-resolution images.

The Planmeca ProX intraoral X-ray unit offers an optimal image contrast and density for every diagnostic need and anatomical condition. This is enabled by variable kilovolts (50–70 kV) and milliamperes (2–8 mA). The freely selectable exposure parameters maximise the diagnostic value of intraoral radiography. The focal spot size of the X-ray tube is 0.4 mm, ensuring an optimal resolution and clear images. The unit is pre-programmed with 66 quick settings for different exposure value combinations. The imaging parameters are selected from the intuitive control panel.

In Planmeca ProX, advanced technology meets practical, compact and robust design. For instance, the unit has integrated control electronics for digital Planmeca ProSensor intraoral sensors to ensure a smooth workflow. “Thanks to the unit’s new design, Planmeca ProSensor is always in the right place and within easy reach”, says Mr Timo Müller, Vice President of X-ray Division at Planmeca Oy. The Planmeca ProSensor interconnection cable is routed inside the X-ray unit arm, which results in a clear and clean working area with no interfering cables.

The unique design of the X-ray tube head makes aiming exceptionally easy. The steady X-ray unit arm provides smooth and precise movements, ensuring drift-free and accurate positioning.

The practical and stylish Planmeca ProX has versatile installation options to ensure that the unit is well suited for different practice designs. “We are proud to be able to offer our customers a more streamlined and simply better intraoral X-ray unit than before for producing high-quality images. Planmeca ProX makes intraoral imaging easy, straightforward and accurate.”