Planmeca solutions for implantology

Products for Prosthodontics

We offer a completely integrated and digital workflow for modern implantology. The superior combination of CBCT and virtual prosthetic data creates the best possible basis for implant planning and open CAD/CAM. Enjoy our unique 3D data combinations, realistic implant libraries and sophisticated dental unit integrated devices that ensure a smooth implant planning workflow. 

Imaging solutions for implantology

  • Planmeca ProMax 3D family of CBCT imaging devices
    Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid is especially suited for the needs of implantology
  • Planmeca ProFace 3D face photo system
  • Planmeca ProMax 3D model scanning program for impressions and gypsum models
  • Planmeca PlanScan for direct digital impressions
  • Ultra low dose images for follow-up studies

Applications of CBCT applications in implantology

  • Pre-surgical and post-operative evaluation of the patient
  • Correct topographical information is required for planning the prospective implant location
  • Patient-specific information about bone density, the shape of the alveolus, and the height and width of the proposed implant site reduces implant failures
  • Detection of periodontal bone loss
  • Simulation of donor and graft volumes
  • Accurate measurements

Software for implantology

Planmeca Romexis® makes implant planning easier than ever.

  • Unique 3x3D concept: 3D X-ray image, digital impression and face photo combined and superimposed
  • Mark the nerve on the 3D image
  • Plan implant placement easily with realistic implant, abutment and crown models
  • Verify the plan with the implant verification tool
  • Order the surgical drilling guide from Materialise Dental or 3D Diagnostix using the integrated order form
  • Use the Planmeca Romexis® crown library or import patient-specific crown from the CAD system to the software. Order crowns from the laboratory or mill with chairside equipment.

Dental unit solutions for implantology

Planmeca Sovereign® is an exceptional dental unit especially suited for specialist needs. Customise your unit with our unique features designed for the needs of implantology.

  • Integrated easy-to-use Implantmed surgical micromotor
  • Smoothly integrated sterile water system
  • Detachable left/right holder for sterile water bag
  • Planmeca Vision™ medical grade display for perfect infection control

User story

ProMax 3D - Dr. Klein (Implantology)

Dr. Robert Klein of Highland Dental Clinic (Kansas City, MO) talks about the impact the Planmeca ProMax 3D on his implants and surgical procedures. From the versatility in fields of view to its user-friendly Romexis software package, Klein attests that ProMax 3D is "a very simple machine to take great images with."

To learn more about Dr. Klein and Highland Dental Clinic, visit