A complete solution for orthodontics

We invite you to discover our ground-breaking and fully digital solutions for orthodontics. From crystal-clear images to advanced software modules and superior dental unit features, we offer you all the tools to create your winning combination.

Imaging solutions for orthodontics

  • Planmeca ProMax 3D family of CBCT imaging devices
    ◦ Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid offers optimal volume sizes for orthodontics
  • Planmeca ProFace 3D face photo system
  • Planmeca ProMax 3D model scanning program for impressions and gypsum models
  • One-shot or scanning cephalostat
  • Planmeca PlanScan for direct digital impressions
  • Ultra low dose images for follow-up studies 

Applications of CBCT for orthodontics

  • Visualization of impacted teeth
  • Assessment of an unerupted tooth position
  • Identification of root resorption and orientation
  • Visualisation of supernumerary teeth
  • Evaluation of boundary conditions
  • Visualisation of cleft palate patients
  • Orthognathic surgery planning
  • TMJ, airways and more

Products for Orthodontics

Software for orthodontics

Planmeca Romexis® offers powerful and innovative tools for orthodontic treatment planning and analysis.

  • Unique 3x3D concept: 3D X-ray image, digital impression and face photo combined and superimposed. Provides information for evaluation of anatomical relationships between teeth, bone, and soft tissue.
  • The Planmeca Romexis® Cephalometric Analysis module offers complete tools for creating cephalometric analyses and superimpositions, and for orthodontic treatment planning.
  • Planmeca Romexis® 3D Ortho Studio module for the examination and analysis of digital dental models
  • Volumetric evaluation of airways
  • Excellent tools for TMJ site evaluation