Planmeca Solutions for Endodontics

Products for Endodontics

Planmeca’s intelligent solutions for endodontics allow you to see the finest anatomical details with precision and clarity. Even the most difficult treatment areas are instantly visible and available.
The perfect combination of intelligent technology and luxury tools allows you to concentrate on your work. 

Imaging solutions for endodontics

Applications of CBCT in endodontics

  • Diagnosis of trauma – root fractures, luxation, displacement of teeth and alveolar fractures
  • Assessment of endodontic treatment complications
  • Diagnosis of periapical pathosis
  • Diagnosis of periapical lesions caused by pulpal inflammation
  • Determination of the exact root apex location in presurgical planning
  • Visualisation of canals, root canal system anomalies
  • Elucidation of internal and external resorption and detection of root fractures
  • Determination of root curvature
  • Localization of root resorption
  • True measurements

Software for endodontic diagnosis

Planmeca Romexis® offers perfect visualisation of even the finest details

  • Efficient tools for visualizing the root condition
  • Root length, volume and cross section measurements

Dental unit solutions for endodontics

Planmeca Sovereign® Classic

Planmeca Sovereign® Classic is an exceptional dental unit especially suited for specialist needs. Customise your unit with our unique features designed for the needs of endodontics.

  • Planmeca Minendo™ brushless micromotor with easy adjustments (torque, rpm, autoreverse) 
  • Zeiss OPMI® Pico microscope for excellent visualisation
  • Seamless workflow with integrated Planmeca ProX™ X-ray unit
Planmeca Compact i Touch

The Planmeca Compact™ i Touch dental unit adapts easily to endodontic procedures.

  • BienAir MX2 brushless micromotor
  • Seamless workflow with integrated Planmeca ProX™ X-ray unit

Intraoral imaging for endodontic control

Planmeca ProX™ intraoral X-ray unit
  • Optimal images for all diagnostic needs: variable kV and mA
  • Quick and easy to use: pre-programmed quick settings, practical design
Planmeca ProSensor® sensor system
  • All three sensor sizes (0, 1, and 2) are marked with a clear symbol on the magnetic connector for easy use
Planmeca ProScanner™ imaging plate scanner
  • Compact and intelligent imaging plate scanner
  • Imaging plates in all sizes from 0 to 4c with a smart RFID chip

User Story

ProMax 3D - Dr. Trava (Endodontics)

Dr. Brian P. Trava of New Jersey Root Canal discusses the most important investment in his practice, his Planmeca ProMax 3D. From providing more clinical data in images, to seamless 3rd party integration and a lower dosage of radiation to patients, ProMax 3D has helped Dr. Trava's practice grow.

Watch the video and learn three reasons why Trava recommends ProMax 3D. "The ProMax 3D, by far, gives you the best detail out of any machine on the market." Learn more about Dr. Trava's practice at