Doctor Testimonials

Dr. Evans - Planmeca Compact

Dr. Evans speaks about the ergonomics, comfort, and relaxation that the Planmeca Compact helps bring to her practice, Infinity Dental Specialists, in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Burton on Planmeca and the Digital Age

Dr. Jay Burton discusses how Planmeca helps his practice live in the digital age.

Dr. Jacobs

Dr. Bryan Jacobs talks about the ergonomics, ease of use, and the many other benefits the Planmeca Sovereign Classic has brought to his workflow.

Dr. Lowe

Dr. Lowe of Simons / Lowe Orthodontics describes the flexibility of the Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid and all the benefits of Planmeca's exclusive Ultra Low Dose™ 3D imaging protocol.

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Dr. Jay Burton

"Planmeca CALM has not only reduced the number of retakes in my office, but it has also improved the image quality of virtually every scan by eliminating minor patient movement. This feature has proven to be a solid technological innovation that provides a great benefit to those imaging younger patients or for that matter any patient where movement might be an issue. Now my patients benefit not only from the Ultra-Low Dose technology, but also from a reduction in the number of retakes and movement artifacts. There also seems to be an overall improvement in image quality as a result of this feature. Kudos to Planmeca for their innovative CALM technology!"

Jay Burton - Orthodontist, Nashville, TN

Dr. Jeffrey Dalin

"We love our ProMax 2D S3! This machine is a win-win-win product for our patients and our practice. For our patients, there is no more pinching, no more gagging, and less radiation than a traditional bitewing series. They are amazed by this great much so that they will talk about it with their friends and families. Talk about a simple internal marketing bonus! For our practice, we get images that allow us to do very thorough examinations and diagnoses. Decay shows up very clearly. We use these images in referrals to oral surgeons for third molar extractions. Endodontic issues are often discovered because of the extra field of vision we possess with these images. I think we have found periapical radiolucencies on over 30 teeth with asymptomatic teeth in the first 18 months we owned our S3 unit. We would have never suspected anything was taking place but our ProMax provided us with so much extra information."

Jeffrey Dalin - Dalin Dental Associates, St. Louis, MO

Dr. Zach Lowe

"We choose Planmeca over other manufacturers for a couple of different reasons. The first being their support, we use a lot of different companies in our office for a variety of things and Planmeca is tied for first out of all of our vendors for support. When we call them I know we will not have to wait long and they will get things fixed. Second, we chose the Planmeca Mid due to the versatility of the machine. We like the fact that we can still take cephs and don’t have to take a full volume CBCT to extrapolate a ceph when we don’t want to. We liked the fact that we can still take panos and a variety of CBCT. We always thought our Planmeca ProMax took great digital pans before and didn't think they could get better, but the sensor on the Mid is awesome. Third, we also choose it because of the Ultra-Low Dose mode, the vast majority of images that we take are on that setting. When the 3D image puts off less radiation that the same 2D image you no longer have to think twice about using 3D. This is a big deal to us because we see a great deal of kids."

Dr. Zach Lowe

Dr. William Yant

"We purchased our Planmeca CBCT to help with implant cases. We soon learned that with Planmeca Ultra-Low Dose we can better diagnose and treat patients with periodontal, endodontic, and complex restorative needs. Ultra-Low Dose has become an essential part of our daily practice. We can't ever see returning to the Dark Ages."

Dr. Bill Yant

Dr. Burton on Planmeca’s Ultra Low Dose Protocol

Dr. Jay Burton explains the benefits the industry exclusive Planmeca™ Ultra Low Dose Protocol has provided for his practice, SmileMaker Orthodontics in Tennessee.

Dr. Ashley

Dr. Mandy Ashley of Sky Pediatric Dentistry (Bowling Green, KY) shares how Planmeca's extraoral imaging and digital workflow have improved her quality of pediatric dental care.

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Dr. Burton: Training and Usability with Planmeca ProMax

Dr. Jay Burton of SmileMaker Orthodontics in Tennessee talks about the ease of use the Planmeca 3D Mid has provided he and his staff.

Dr. Antenucci - ProMax 3D

Dr. Gene Antenucci of Bay Dental Health (Bay Shore, NY) describes how working with a Planmeca ProMax 3D in his practice has improved his ability to care for his patients. From Planmeca's Ultra Low Dose protocol that promotes patient safety without losing any image resolution, to easier patient education and higher case acceptance with the intuitive clarity 3D images show patients, to the expanded diagnostic value 3D images provide, the Planmeca ProMax 3D has transformed Dr. Antenucci's practice. "At this point I can't imagine working without 3D in my practice."

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Dr. Jack Fisher

"The Ultra-Low Dose that is now utilized with 3D imaging is a “game changer" in the field of dentistry. The effective dose of a full scan taken with the Planmeca Mid is only approximately 12-14 microsieverts. This is half the dose of a 2D panoramic radiograph. The Planmeca machine has been shown by an independent research to produce quality images at the Ultra-Low Dose settings. The other machines and the software distributed with the machines have been shown to produce images that are not as useful for diagnosing the orthodontic patient. Prior to the development of Ultra-Low Dose, radiation hygiene was unacceptable. The world is not flat. Welcome to the new world of imaging."

Jack Fisher - Artistic Smiles, Cordova TN

Dr. Gene Antenucci

"There are so many 3D machines in the marketplace. But the reason I purchased the Planmeca ProMax 3D is because of its Ultra-Low Dose protocol. It delivers the finest images at the lowest radiation possible in the marketplace. Patient safety is important to me. When we take radiographic images we’re always concerned with the dosage that we deliver to our patients. We’re looking to deliver the lowest dose possible to receive the highest benefit from the images that we attain, and this machine allows me to do that. The Ultra-Low Dose protocol on the ProMax 3D gives the finest images available in the marketplace anywhere."

Gene Antenucci - Bay Dental Health, Bay Shore NY

Dr. Lance Robbins

"I love your x-ray machine! That was so easy! That is much better than the old way! These are things we hear on a weekly basis. Being able to take good x-rays with open contacts comfortably, and without gagging has been a great benefit to our patients and our practice. The days of asking the assistant to retake a bitewing are long gone. The image quality is excellent and when I first started using the Planmeca ProMax I was trying to talk myself out of what I was seeing. I was used to our old sensors with blurry, poor detail, images and could not believe that all of these caries, and abscesses were there. The images have yet to be proven wrong during treatment. We are able to diagnose and treat earlier, saving the patient more costly and extensive treatment in the future. We love our ProMax and cannot imagine going back to intra-oral x-rays! Thank you Planmeca!"

Lance Robbins - iTooth Family Dentistry, Springfield MO

Dr. Michael Schmookler

"After doing a lot of research, I decided to purchase the Planmeca ProMax 3D. In my practice, I place a lot of implants so I need a machine with a proven track record, easy to use, and creates great images from a company that stands behind its products. I found that in Planmeca’s ProMax. Also, its open-architecture Planmeca Romexis software gives me piece of mind and flexibility to integrate existing and new technology. I would recommend this company and this product to anyone who is ready to take the next step in their practice."

Michael Schmookler - Advanced Dental Care, Northbrook IL

Dr. Fisher

Dr. Jack Fisher of Artistic Smiles Orthodontics (Cordova, TN) describes how adding a ProMax 3D Mid to his practice has expanded his diagnostic capabilities and given him all the tools he needs for his orthodontic work. "The more I use it, the more it changes how I treat people."

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Dr. Kosek

Dr. Douglas Kosek of DK Dental (South Bend, IN) shares why he chose his ProMax S3 over the competition, the convenience of Autofocus and extraoral bitewings, and the overall ease-of-use of the machine. "I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues."

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Dr. Rafail

Watch and see how Dr. Rafail's practice was improved with Planmeca Romexis.

Dr. Antenucci - ProMax Extraoral Bitewing

Dr. Gene Antenucci of Bay Dental Health (Bay Shore, NY) describes the ease of use his Planmeca ProMax has provided him and his staff when capturing extraoral bitewings. Traditional chairside bitewings can be slow, uncomfortable, even painful for patients. With the Planmeca ProMax's extraoral bitewing capabilities, Dr. Antenucci and his staff can avoid all of that and provide a much better experience for their patients.

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Dr. Klein

Dr. Robert Klein of Highland Dental Clinic (Kansas City, MO) talks about the impact the ProMax 3D has had on his implants and surgical procedures. From the versatility in fields of view to its user-friendly Romexis software package, Klein attests that ProMax 3D is "a very simple machine to take great images with."

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Dr. Nourhamadi

Dr. Milad Nourhamadi, founder of Shining Smiles (Chicago and Bolingbrook, Illinois), talks about how the ProMax S3 has helped his holistic approach to dentistry by reducing the amount of radiation to his patients and providing his staff with the tools to quickly and efficiently get the information they need.

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Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Louis Kaufman talks about the history of his practice and what improvements the ProMax 3D has brought to his level of patient care. Wheelchair accessibility, easy operation, and less radiation are just a few reasons why Dr. Kaufman recommends this machine. Also, with the ProMax's innovative extraoral bitewing program, Kaufman says "the patients appreciate that so we're finding they're referring more friends and family to the practice."

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Dr. Antenucci - Fully Integrated Operatory

Dr. Gene Antenucci of Bay Dental Health (Bay Shore, NY) describes how working with Planmeca products in his practice has improved his workflow, ease of use, and overall level of care. With Planmeca 3D, CAD/CAM, and Sovereign dental treatment unit, all driven by Planmeca Romexis, Dr. Antenucci has a fully integrated digital workflow. "Technology enhances my ability to deliver patient care."

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Dr. Murphy

Dr. Aundra Murphy of Little Rock Family Dental Care discusses the ProMax 3D Mid and how it improves the quality of his care and saves his patients time, money, and discomfort.

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Dr. Leal

Dr. Joshua Leal of Little Rock Family Dental Care talks about the growing needs of his patients and how the exceptional image quality of the ProMax 3D Mid has helped his practice improve.

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Dr. Machen

Dr. Randy Machen of Little Rock Family Dental Care describes how the ProMax 3D Mid has helped his general practice and improved his patient experience, particularly for young patients.

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Dr. Suh

Dr. Suh and his assistant discuss Planmeca CAD/CAM technology and how it makes them stand out as a practice. "We're able to confidently diagnose because we have the best technology available in our practice." Learn more about Suh's practice at

Dr. Jansen

Dr. Curtis Jansen is a prosthodontist who recently invested in a Planmeca ProMax, with CAD-CAM that he integrates with Planmeca's Romexis software, which also works with his office system. Learn more about Dr. Jansen's practice at

Dr. Trava

Dr. Brian P. Trava of New Jersey Root Canal discusses the most important investment in his practice, his ProMax 3D. From providing more clinical data in images, to seamless 3rd party integration and a lower dosage of radiation to patients, ProMax 3D has helped Dr. Trava's practice grow.

Watch the video and learn three reasons why Trava recommends ProMax 3D. "The ProMax 3D, by far, gives you the best detail out of any machine on the market." Learn more about Dr. Trava's practice at

Dr. Leffler

Dr. William Leffler of Leffler Family Dentistry talks about his ProMax S3 and why it was a "perfect match" for his practice. Moving from intraoral film to digital, extraoral imaging with ProMax has made a huge difference in Leffler's patient care. "I don't think I'd feel comfortable with my diagnostic ability if I had to rely on a small intraoral film to make a diagnosis."

Dr. Krah

Dr. Thomas Krah of Thomas R. Krah, DMD & Associates (McMurray, PA) talks about his ProMax S3 and how it has improved not only his imaging capabilitie, but his overall patient experience. With extraoral bitewing technology, Dr. Krah notes that he is getting better images from patients that gag, as well as children. "It's something we use to sell dentistry now. People expect more. People love it."