Planmeca looked at ways to improve dental cabinetry by developing a new platform to integrate technology and design elements. The result: our new line of Planmeca Evolution™ Dental Consoles featuring 12 O’Clock, Central Island, and Side console units.


Dentists now have a "green" option for their sterilization center and operatory cabinetry. Triangle Furniture Systems, a subsidiary of Planmeca Oy, pioneered more than 18 years ago the first integrated sterilization process based on the standards established by CDC, OSHA, and ADA, and called it the Steri-Center 9000 series. Triangle Furniture Systems has now upgraded the Steri-Center, making it a more "green" product and enhancing the efficiency of the dental office infection control protocol.


  • Corian pull-out shelves that facilitate and maximize the cleaning and infection control protocol
  • Corian cassette wrapping shelves with perimeter edges to prevent instruments from rolling off the work surface
  • All new stainless steel toe-kick provides easy installation, cleaning, and accessibility to all utilities under the cabinet
  • Soft-closure drawers and dampening hinges for all doors, reducing noise

To improve the environmental profile of the new Steri-Center SCX-5 system, Triangle has now built green technology into the cabinet's design by making subtle but significant changes in materials and processes by which the cabinets are manufactured.

One of these changes, for instance, is the reduction or elimination of products containing formaldehyde, which is released into the air in the event of a fire. Additionally, Triangle has replaced all fluorescent lights with LED lighting, which generate far less heat and save energy versus fluorescent lights.

Steri-Center SCX-5 is a complete sterilization system designed to help dental professionals maintain a sterile environment easily, safely, and efficiently. Sterilization procedures can be accomplished using Steri-Center's foot- and knee-activated "hands free" mechanisms thus reducing contact with potentially contaminated instruments. Steri-Center's modular design can be customized to fit any size sterilization area.

Triangle has also visually defined the contaminated instrument storage area with red lights, and the blue lighted sterile instrument storage area indicates the location of the sterile side. This makes it easier for the dental office staff to manage their infection control process following the standards established by OSHA, CDC and the ADA.


  • Enhances infection control practices
  • Safety features of manufacturing and reduction in use of formaldehyde reduce pollutants in case of fire
  • New LED lighting components consume less energy and significantly reduce the heat typically generated from florescent and incandescent lighting


The Triangle Optiline cabinet system creates an ergonomic work environment and a truly ambidextrous doctor and assistant delivery system. With hands-free features and optimum organizational space, Optiline cabinets provide flexibility and adaptability to suit any practice.


  • Optional Planmeca Compact i Dentist's Delivery System
  • Optional Assistant's Instrumentation, as well as accommodations for nitrous oxide/oxygen flow meters, both Flush and Vertical Mounted configurations
  • Pivoting 360˚ monitor mount
  • Large, 48" x 25" Corian "Satellite" working surface provides 100% ambidextrous positioning for either right or left handed operators
  • Exclusive pneumatic opening Mid-Cabinet Shelf system allows for hands-free access to sterile materials and medicaments

The Optiline work environment is perfectly designed to organize all supplies, instruments, equipment, and personal protective gear.  Featuring a convenient satellite working surface, 6 square feet of work surface, 10 square feet of hands-free storage shelves, plus upper and lower storage cabinets, adjustable shelves, and removable drawers. Intuitively designed, it creates the ultimate ergonomic, aseptic, and aesthetic working environment in virtually any doctor's office or imaging facility.


  • Planmeca's Optiline Cabinetry can create the ultimate ergonomic, aseptic, and aesthetic working environment in virtually any doctor's office or imaging facility
  • Satellite surface provides 100% ambidextrous positioning for either right or left handed operators
  • Allows for quick retrieval of sterilized intruments and materials for patient care

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