Experience usability like never before

Planmeca ProSensor® HD intraoral sensor offers a unique combination of unparalleled image quality, high-end patient-centred design, and usability.

Coloured LED lights

Cutting-edge image quality

With a true resolution of over 20 lp/mm, Planmeca ProSensor® HD offers real HD image quality. Supporting detailed diagnosis, the advanced imaging sensor with a fi bre-optic layer captures sharp, low-noise and high contrast images. The wide dynamic range of the sensor ensures successful results each and every time.

Patient-centred design

To fulfill all intraoral imaging needs, Planmeca ProSensor HD is available in three different sizes. The rounded sensor edges make the procedure comfortable for patients and outstanding images are ready in a matter of seconds.

Usability comes as a standard

Planmeca ProSensor HD is always easily at hand. It can be integrated into the Planmeca ProX™ intraoral X-ray unit, or connected to through Ethernet or a USB port. The sensor has a sophisticated magnetic connector that is easy to attach with only one hand, while the white sensor colour enchances visibility to ease positioning. The elegant control box with a distinguished design is equipped with a colour-coded LED light, providing instant visual feedback of the imaging procedure. Hermetically sealed housing ensures effective infection control.

Carefree choice

Planmeca ProSensor HD has been designed to last. For optimal endurance, the sensor cable has been reinforced and includes only two wires. Our special five-year warranty program ensures a safe investment for your practice.

Three sizes of Planmeca ProSensor HD

Each layer carefully designed – for perfect results

Each layer carefully designed – for perfect results

Image quality from the inside

1. White housing – enhanced visibility for easier positioning
2. Carbon fibre plate – protection from bites and other external impacts
3. Shock absorbing layer – protection against drops and shocks
4. Scintillator – ensures sharp images with no blurring
5. Fibre optic plate (FOP) – high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and modulation transfer function (MTF)
6. Optical coupling – perfectly optimised and controlled, for a vivid image throughout the image area
7. CMOS image sensor – HD class camera
8. LTCC electronics – a robust sensor
9. Back scattering shield – reliable patient protection and sharper images
10. Cable – premium durability with Kevlar coating and only two wires

Unique Durability

Designed to last:

  • Carbon fiber plate to protect against bite marks in the scintillator
  • Shock protection layer for drops and other shocks
  • Ceramic LTCC circuit board for enhanced strength and rigidness
  • Durable cable with Kevlar coating and only two wires

Planmeca ProSensor® HD in a nutshell

• True resolution of over 20 lp/mm
• Sharp and low-noise images with high contrast
• Wide dynamic range
• Three sensor sizes with rounded edges
• Magnetic connector for ease of use
• Colour-coded LED light on control box for instant visual feedback
• Hermetically sealed housing ensures effective infection control
• Integration with the Planmeca ProX™ X-ray unit
• Fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS
• Plug and play USB version
• Five-year warranty program
• Planmeca Romexis® software provides the most versatile tools
• Planmeca mRomexis for super easy image capturing and viewing with tablet (iPad or Android)

Watch video about Planmeca mRomexis image capturing >>

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