Planmeca Showroom application for iPad

The free new application enables users to explore Planmeca’s dental units, imaging devices, and software through their iPad. The application provides a thorough product information package for users of Planmeca's dental and X-ray units.

The  user  can  view  Planmeca’s  showroom  in  a 360-degree-angle  view  and  enter  different  product categories ranging from dental units and imaging devices to software. The application also includes clinical images, a virtual GUI for the Planmeca ProMax® 3D product family, demo videos, animations, and interactive content.

Available on the App Store logoThe  free  Planmeca  Showroom  application  can  be downloaded from the App Store.

NB.  If  you  already  have  the  Planmeca  Imaging application, you can simply update it on your iPad.