Planmeca ProMax represents Finnish technology at the EXPO 2010

Planmeca is one of the official partners of the Finnish pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China. The Planmeca ProMax is on display in the Finnish pavilion “Kirnu” throughout the exhibition and showcases pioneering Finnish technological innovation and design. The Planmeca ProMax is today’s most advanced hybrid 2D/3D unit for demanding dental and maxillofacial imaging.

The main theme of EXPO 2010 is “Better city, better life”. Finland has built its exposition around the elements of a better life – well-being, competence and the environment – which also form a solid foundation for a better city. These themes make Planmeca a preferred partner as welfare services and technology are important elements of well-being. 
Expo 2010 was opened on 1 May and will be open to the public until 31 October. The estimated number of visitors is 70 million.
EXPO aims to attract some 200 countries and international organisations as exhibitors. The scale of this event will be the largest in the history of EXPOs. The venue covers over 320 hectares in the heart of the Shanghai metropolis. EXPO’s main mission is to offer a platform for global dialogue and to show concrete ways to achieve a happier future urban life.