Digital perfection and optimal ergonomics – Planmeca at the Sofia Dental Meeting

9 October 2015
Planmeca was a Gold Sponsor of the Sofia Dental Meeting. Held at the Ramada Sofia hotel in Bulgaria’s beautiful capital from 1 to 4 October, the congress brought together international dental professionals to share and learn the latest knowledge and skills in their field. Planmeca organised two presentations at the event, with Dr. Herluf Skovsgaard and Planmeca Sales Manager Mr. Jan Moed as speakers.

Embracing the new digital technologies of the 21st century

Jan Moed started by presenting Planmeca's pioneering Digital Perfection concept. “Dentistry is ready to embrace the new digital technologies of the 21st century”, Mr. Moed stated to open his presentation. “Planmeca is constantly developing innovative solutions that enhance the clinical workflows of modern dental practices around the world.”

CBCT technology is already widespread in digital dentistry, with new innovations constantly increasing diagnostic depth. Mr. Moed highlighted Planmeca’s virtual patient concept as one of these innovations – a 3x3D combination of a CBCT image, 3D face photo, and 3D model scan, which opens up new dimensions in treatment planning.

Planmeca virtual patient


Mr. Moed also pointed out how CAD/CAM technologies have quickly increased in popularity, which has provided clinics with more freedom in creating restorations. Planmeca Romexis® Smile Design and other specialist software create further possibilities to improve treatments, as the field of digital dentistry continues to expand. “The next innovative wave is going to be 4D – adding dynamic, real-time movement to diagnostics by means of software”, Mr. Moed revealed to the audience.

But how can this multitude of software be managed without getting lost in the vastness of available information?

“Planmeca has for long been a forerunner in integrating various digital solutions into one intelligent software platform – this continues to be among our highest priorities”, Mr. Moed emphasised. “Earlier this year, we were proud to present the completely renewed version 4 of our all-in-one software platform Planmeca Romexis®.”

By combing all imaging and CAD/CAM work under one platform, dental professionals can remain focused on what is most important – patient treatment. All digital Planmeca equipment can also be connected to a network, which enables real-time monitoring of usage and grants unparalleled control over daily routines.

“The future of dentistry is already available for those who are ready to embrace it”, Mr. Moed proclaimed. “Welcome to Digital Perfection by Planmeca."

Working together to achieve utmost efficiency

In addition to the Planmeca Digital Perfection presentation at the Sofia Dental Meeting, Dr. Herluf Skovsgaard performed a live clinical demonstration on the topic New Standards for effective chairside work in dental practice.

Planmeca Compact i Touch

Dr. Skovsgaard highlighted how important teamwork is in creating and efficient and ergonomic treatment environment. “Seamless cooperation with the dental assistant allows a dentist to focus on treatment without interruptions, as needed instruments are always placed directly in their hand.”

In addition to effortless access to instruments, it is also of crucial importance that the oral cavity is illuminated in a way that follows the dentist’s line of vision. “Light should follow sight”, Dr. Skovsgaard emphasized – adding that enhanced visibility also supports correct working positions, as it allows the dentist to see in the oral cavity with ease.

As part of his presentation, Dr. Skovsgaard provided a demonstration on dental ergonomics and workplace design. He also stressed that the benefits of optimal ergonomics go far beyond correct postures and physical wellbeing of the treatment staff. “Treatment is communication, and patients trust dentists who consistently stay by their side and move in a calm manner.”

Optimal ergonomics ensure a smooth workflow in all aspects. From correct working postures to streamlining the treatment process to creating a calm environment for patients, proper ergonomics help clinics thrive in a comprehensive manner.

All live clinical demonstrations at the Sofia Dental Meeting were performed on a Planmeca Compact™ i Touch dental unit.