Complete solution for private practices

We are proud to offer dental practices the most comprehensive digital solution for modern dental treatments. All our devices are integrated with one single software platform, allowing you to benefit from unforeseen efficiency and the smoothest digital workflows in dentistry – today and in the future.

All devices and software you need

From world-leading dental care and imaging units to innovative CAD/CAM and software solutions, Planmeca provides your clinic with everything you need. Our devices and software are designed for exceptional ease of use and smooth workflows. All our solutions communicate with each other seamlessly so you can concentrate on what matters the most – providing better care to your patients.

Dental units patient comfort


Behandlungseinheiten, die sich auf Dauer bewährt haben, mit unübertroffenem Patientenkomfort, hervorragender Ergonomie und preisgekröntem Design..

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Planmeca CAD/CAM workflow


Der komplette CAD/CAM-Workflow – vom schnellen Scannen bis hin zum anspruchsvollen Design und effizienten Fertigung.

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Planmeca 3D and 2D imaging equipment


Hochwertige 3D- und 2D-Bildgebungsgeräte, die allen klinischen Anforderungen gerecht werden – immer bei einer niedrigen Patientendosis.

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Planmeca dental software for specialists


Die umfassendste Software für die Zahnmedizin auf dem Markt, die verschiedene Werkzeuge für alle Fachgebiete und Fachspezialisten bietet.

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A digital workflow from start to finish

Planmeca offers a complete digital workflow for all needs and specialities with a full range of tools for dental examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, virtual dental restoration or application design, manufacturing and performing the dental treatment. In the centre of the digital workflow stands the unique Planmeca Romexis® software platform, which ties together all Planmeca devices and software. All information is conveniently stored in the same single software for easy access during every stage of the workflow, which allows you to fully concentrate on patient care.



Optimieren Sie Ihre kieferorthopädischen Behandlungen mit modernen digitalen Werkzeugen für jeden Schritt des Arbeitsablaufs.




Erzielen Sie vorhersehbare und präzise Ergebnisse mit einem volldigitalen und komplett schablonengestützten Implantat-Workflow.




Erreichen Sie absolute Patientenzufriedenheit mit Same-Day-Dentistry und passgenauem Zahnersatz.


Future-proof solutions with excellent upgradeability

With unrivalled scientific knowledge and an in-depth understanding of clinical workflows and new technologies, Planmeca solutions have been designed with the future in mind. Our platform-based devices are easy to upgrade with the latest features and innovations in dentistry – both now and in the future.

Superior image quality, low patient dose and automated infection control procedures are just a few examples of how dental clinics can benefit from our innovations. All our devices fully support digital dentistry, and the intelligent Planmeca Romexis software scales to all your needs, allowing the users to always work with the latest technology in dentistry.

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Networked devices - one software

Award-winning user-centric design

Our devices are designed to simplify the daily workflow of dental professionals. Our products are long-lasting, so we make sure that their design pleases the eye also in the future. From safety and ergonomics to usability and comfort, everything has been taken into consideration. We also pay special attention to usability, ensuring that the user interfaces of our products are intuitive and easy to use.

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Award-winning user-centric design

Networked devices – one software

All Planmeca dental units, imaging devices and CAD/CAM solutions can be networked with one software platform. This intelligent solution allows dental clinics to generate valuable data on their digital equipment, to optimise workflows and to achieve significant cost-savings with centralised software, quality assurance and preventive maintenance.

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Planmeca Romexis

Easy collaboration with partners

If you prefer not to complete the entire workflow on your own, our open solutions allow you to flexibly collaborate with external partners at any point. Our devices and software support the most common file and standard formats, and we offer several convenient applications for viewing and transferring data safely and conveniently.

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Planmeca Romexis compatible with mac and windows

Join the growing Planmeca family

Clinicians around the world have chosen Planmeca’s products to improve their daily workflows and offer the best possible care to their patients. Although there are countless reasons to choose Planmeca, six key reasons are repeatedly highlighted by our customers.

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