A Planmeca Promax® 3D Exclusive




Patient movement is the number one contributor to poor image quality. Some patients cannot remain stationary during a 3D x-ray scan—particularly children, individuals with special needs or elderly patients. This leads to re-scans, increased exposure to radiation and potential frustration for you and your patients. Planmeca CALM™ CBCTs can analyze and compensate for slight movements and provide improved, diagnostic quality images. It’s one and done for you and your patients. And that’s something that keeps everyone calm.

Virtually Artifact-Free Images | Assured Stability in Imaging | Minimizes Re-Scans

Dr. Jay Burton

"Planmeca CALM has not only reduced the number of retakes in my office, but it has also improved the image quality of virtually every scan by eliminating minor patient movement. This feature has proven to be a solid technological innovation that provides a great benefit to those imaging younger patients or for that matter any patient where movement might be an issue. Now my patients benefit not only from the ultra low dose technology, but also from a reduction in the number of retakes and movement artifacts. There also seems to be an overall improvement in image quality as a result of this feature. Kudos to Planmeca for their innovative CALM technology!"

Dr. Jay Burton - SmileMaker Orthodontics, Madison TN